How to set Winamp Skin for your Winamp?

  1. Make sure you have installed Winamp in your PC. (You can download it from the "Software" section in this web site.)
  2. Download and save the Winamp Skin file (.zip) which you like from the web site. DO NOT unzip the file.
  3. Right click with your mouse somewhere on the "body" of your Winamp Browser. A menu would pop up.
  4. Select the option "Skin". A window "Winamp - Preferences" pops up.
  5. In the window, click on the option "Skin Browser".
  6. Click the button "Set Skins Directory".
  7. Navigate to the directory where you have the skins you want.
  8. Click the OK button. All the name of the Winamp skin in this directory would be displayed.
  9. Choose the skin you want.
  10. Click the button "Close". Now you have your new WinAmp skin.