What is Wallpaper?

Just like wallpaper in your house gives you some brief respite from staring at plain and sometimes rather drap walls, Wallpaper on your computer does pretty much the same thing.
When you first start up your computer, and it finishes all of its thinking and sputtering, you'll find yourself staring at a screen with probably some icons on one side for different programs. Typically the background will be a solid color and
otherwise very plain.
Thanks to modern technology, and one very rich man, we as users of windows have the option to change our backdrop into pretty much any image we want. Of course the physics of taking a 2 inch square picture and blowing it up to fit our
screen makes the picture look more than a little distorted, thus the art of creating wallpaper was born.

Good wallpaper is an image that is specifically sized to fit your screen without distorting at all. There are many artists and would be artists who spend all day creating new images for people to use as their wallpaper. And if you find a good site
with lots of free downloads, you could easily have a new picture on your screen every day of the year!